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Later on, by the late 1990s and early 2000s PC games such as StarCraft and Counter-Strike caught on alongside their online features. While most of the games were imported, there were several locally developed games such as Nusantara Online . There were also several localised games, such as Audition Online which was localised as AyoDance when it was launched for Indonesia in 2007. This contributed to a major boom in internet cafés , which had 2,500 locations across the country in 2002 and 5,000 by 2007.

Games include recorded spoken Bahasa from Indonesian speakers and teachers with standard accents. For quiet libraries or classroom there are ‘text only’ options, without sound. Tourists, and people traveling for business for a short time in Indonesia should learn some basic greetings and vocabulary, as many people in Indonesia do not speak English. Each Indonesian study topic includes word lists with audio included for learning correct Indonesian pronunciation, and practice quizzes for testing your progress. Choose an Indonesian topic to study or brush up on, learn the new words or sentences, and then test your proficiency levels with the fun online quiz.

This website also hosts a number of Indonesian flashcards for learning the Bahasa words and phrases featured in the quizzes. Our Indonesian picture dictionaries were developed for introducing Bahasa Indonesia vocabulary to kids. According to a survey conducted in August 2022, 46 percent of Indonesian respondents stated that they played online slot online terpercaya games less in the last three months. In comparison, 15 percent of them have played online games more in the last three months. However, it contributed only 1.8% to the domestic market according to Anton Soeharyo, chief executive of local developer TouchTen. Director-general of informatics application Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics gave a different figure, at 10 per cent market share in 2016.

Learn the Indonesian alphabet – page featuring all of the letters of the Indonesian alphabet with audio recordings. For absolute beginner Bahasa Indonesia students and young kids first learning the letters. Beginners may wish to first take the simpler quiz with 17 words. Choose either the Indonesian vocabulary game 1 or the slightly more advanced Indonesian vocabulary game 2.

Indonesian Online has been a very effective way for me to study Indonesian. The way it is designed with various short activities helps keep interest in learning the same dialogue through different means. I am only 15 lessons in, but so far I really like this! The way it’s structured makes it easy to dissect and understand. So far I’m finding this easier to learn than Spanish, and I think a lot of that has to do with how it is presented and sectioned. Keeps me at the top of my game throughout my Bachelor’s degree.

» contains short readings with many interactive exercises, flashcards, etc. Other players will jump through the rope without touching the rope. You can play this game alone or with your friends.

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