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He lets his policy lapse, but he needs the work, so he uses the miracle of modern technology to “modify” an existing certificate. Insurance is expensive, so the budding entrepreneur takes a certificate from a previous employer, applies a few keystrokes, and presto! The new operation is suddenly “insured.” Or, a subcontractor has a very basic policy that doesn’t include contractually required provisions, like primary and noncontributory language, or a necessary “additional insured” endorsement. Once again, through the miracle of technology, he or she is able to make a few “amendments” to an old certificate and send it over. Adam Gana serves as the managing partner of the law firm of Gana Weinstein LLP. His practice focuses on all aspects of securities arbitration.

I’ve written before about how business interruption insurance works . Basically, business interruption insurance is insurance coverage that can replace business income lost for a period of time after a disaster. Business interruption insurance isn’t sold as a separate policy, but is either added to a property-casualty policy or included in a comprehensive package policy as an add-on or rider. The key to defeating the delay, deny, defend (“DDD”) stratagem is to impose costs on the carrier beyond the amount of the insurance claim by clicking this link halestewartlaw.net

Currently, I am proud to be an attorney at the Merlin Law group specializing in the area of First Party Property Damage Insurance Law. The law firm solely handles residential homeowners insurance claims, commercial property claims and businesses on insurance property damage and bad faith claims nationwide. The law firm and I, pledge to provide competent, creative and honest legal counsel, service, and… Insurance policies are often difficult to understand, even for sophisticated and experienced business people. The Insurance Coverage and Liability Group works with its clients to level the playing field and offer benefits and protection to the insured.

In the District Court, Emmis argued that the language of the exclusion was ambiguous, and that it only applied to claims that already had been reported to Chubb at the time the Illinois National policy went into effect. The District Court took mercy on Emmis, writing as follows. Then, in 2012, five preferred shareholders brought suit against Emmis under federal securities laws, alleging some facts that were similar to those relied upon by plaintiffs in the prior cases. Chubb denied coverage on the ground that the 2012 securities case wasn’t related to the earlier cases, which contained different claims, so Chubb had no obligation to defend. In the current environment, when business dealings go sour, it’s common for one side to accuse the other of fraud. Fraud litigation can be exorbitantly expensive, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that the availability of insurance could mean the difference between bankruptcy and survival.

I have won several multi-million dollar cases and believe in leveling the playing field by delivering high quality legal representation to all of my clients. Some of my accomplishments include being recognized as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the nation, a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer and a member of the Martindale-Hubble Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm’s area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire.

Knowledgeable in the areas of malpractice and personal injury. Very professional and is a relentless advocate for his clients. Other lawyers trust him with their cases when they need help. Clients and lawyers can feel confident when they have Ray on their side.

The Court also held that the so-called pollution exclusion did not apply to negate coverage, because it was designed to apply to traditional industrial pollution. With respect to one of the carriers, however, the Court granted the motion to dismiss, based upon a specific biological substance exclusion. Attorneys representing consumers handle the plaintiff side of bad faith cases and other plaintiff litigation involving insurance issues. Accidental Dismemberment – Successfully represented a policyholder in an accidental death and dismemberment claim arising from injuries sustained in connection with the World Trade Center attack. A six figure settlement was achieved after brief, focused negotiations pointing out the weaknesses in the carrier’s position.

Optimally, the policy should be carefully reviewed by a coverage attorney and the notice of claim should be phrased in a way that brings the underlying lawsuit within coverage, or at least doesn’t blow coverage up. (No, that’s not a plug for business. It’s just a fact.) And third, this ruling is obviously very scary for policyholders. The Port Authority can afford not to have a defense for a personal injury suit. Sadly, it seems as though you can’t count on insurance, which makes risk control and asset protection measures even more important. New Jersey First Party Property Insurance Damage Claim Specialist representing clients nationwide. Insurance company denying and/or underpaying your insurance claim, call for a free consultation.

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