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G3 Security Ltd offers a range of security services centralised around high quality and top standards, our code of conduct remains the same for all security provisions. If you are looking for a professional security guarding service which you can rely on and take pride in making them part of your business, you are not going to be disappointed with G3 security Ltd. Our mission is to secure your business and assets whilst maintaining high professional standards which are expected from any world leading organisations. Through our specialized selection process, our security guard company has the highest client retention rate in the industry. From state-of-the-art systems integration to our centralized management teams, Security Guard Group delivers individually customized security solutions to your unique business needs. We assist our clients on making informed, evidence-based decisions to have the best possible response to your security needs.

Ozzy and the team have been fully supportive and collaborative to ensure we have all the information we need. I would also like to thank the digital marketing team for supporting us with bespoke training materials to allow us to upskill our security officers and ensure they are clear on expectations in our stores. We understand supplying security company london families and individuals can trust is integral to us building a great relationship with our clients and also for providing an excellent service.

From our senior management team to our supervisors and guards, our core values, diligence, reliability and professionalism form the backbone of our approach to service, and we live up to our values in all areas of our work. If you require a professional security company in London, look no further than Security Risk Specialists. We offer IT support, IT security solutions and IT services for SMBs in the London area. We have delivered tailored IT support solutions and IT outsourcing services to a wide range of industries, and the quality of our service is reflected in our client reviews. Concierge style security with a primary focus on property and tenant security. Our personnel offer unparalleled guest experience forming long lasting relationship with our clients and their guests.

Our bespoke Bodyguard services in London are tailored to provide complete security management for high-risk, high-net-worth individuals & families. Including CEOs, celebrities, visiting dignitaries, royalty, and heads of state. I just wanted to take a few minutes to recognise the work and dedication you and your team have provided in this challenging time. I know this is an ever-changing environment with new ways of working day by day and Boots is as ever a demanding customer.

For a number of subjects and guards, all the key actions are those which are considered absolute minimum by factual professionals. Guards undergo continuous training in all areas of customer service and conflict management. Monitored alarms are downgraded to a Level 3 response if the police are called to three false alarm incidents in the space of 12 months. An alarm system will then remain at Level 3 for three months, when the system can be restored to Level 1 classification if it has been updated. Level 3 – this is the lowest level of response, where the police will only respond if a member of the public calls the police to alert them to a crime. This is the level of response that all buildings receive, regardless of the security provisions.

At TSS, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs; with 30-years of experience within the security industry, we work with you and recommend the best solutions. To ensure that you receive the most effective security solution possible, we include a free, no obligation risk assessment with every quote. Regardless of whether you choose to use our services, you will be empowered with knowledge of the threats that you face and how you can tackle them. Every one of our security guards is supported by a 24/7 control room that checks on their status and can be alerted to any incidents or emergency.

Highly visible mobile patrols for customers without the need for static guards. As a house manager I was pleasantly surprised at the efficiency and professionalism of Centurion Guards supplied team of bodyguards and management team. Moreover, being a bodyguard is based on one’s safety, not a means of showing off. To be delivered in an effective manner, it must be costly, as it requires the coordination of a number of professionals fully aware of their tasks, responsibilities, and privileges. Both the subject and the security guard must be aware that the attack may not always be of physical manner, as it is in the case of shooting, planting a bomb, using a poison, or assaulting the VIP with a knife. The attack may also have the form of gossiping, unfair statement releasing, disclosing details of one’s professional or personal life, etc.

An experienced member of our team will visit your premises and identify any areas of vulnerability. The security specialist will ask you about your use of the premises, in addition to questions on such issues as storage of high-value items and also access to the premises during the course of the day and night. Whether you are a business owner, property director or premises or security manager, our support enables people in all business sectors to protect people and property and ‘design out crime’.

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